I am a stickler for manners. I hate when kids are rude and I am always prompting kids to say "please" and "thank you."

When kids show up at my door on Halloween, it seems like they just expected you to put candy into their buckets, and honestly, it gets me a little upset. So I will prompt them to say "trick or treat." However, it never occurred to me thought that some kids might not be able to say those words.

According to FOX 29, a woman from Pennsylvania wants to raise awareness because her five year old son who has autism is going out trick or treating for the very first time. He will be carrying around a blue pumpkin bucket like the one pictured below.

Children who are walking around with blue pumpkins may have a form of autism that affects their speech and these children could be nonverbal. So, if a child does not say, "trick or treat" when they come to your door, look at the color of their pumpkin pail. It may not be a case of bad manners.

I loved this list of things to keep in mind posted by Sensory Solutions and reposted by the Hamilton Moms Facebook Group. There are also a few more things to keep in mind about a child's development that you may have not thought of.


So take a look at that pumpkin color and remember to be kind. Even if they don't have a blue pail, remember every kid is different.

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