Demetria Tobutis from Ocean City, is daughter to an amazing father named Nickolaos--who just recently passed away suddenly in his sleep. We all know how hard it is to lose someone, expected or not, it's not easy.

Credit: Demetria Morris
Credit: Demetria Morris

Nickolaos came from Greece in 1984 and has been and American citizen since he came . He quickly built up the American dream for his family, working over 100 hours a week to support his 3 children and his wife.

Nickolaos was the kind of great man that would do anything for anyone, which includes giving the shirt off his back when he was going through troubles of his own.

When Nickolaos was 45 years old, he had a triple bypass open heart surgery and since then has had many heart issues. But through all of that he still worked to support his family who he loves very much.

In which case, friends and family of Nickolaos are doing everything they can to give this great man the proper burial that he deserves and wanted. His dying wish was to be buried next to his mom, dad and brother back home in Greece.

During this difficult time, any donations that could help the family establish a sense of peace and closure for this great man would be greatly appreciated! Check out their Go-Fund-Me to learn more about Nickolaos.

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