Last night the Philadelphia Eagles won their first ever Super Bowl, defeating the New England Patriots. While the game was exciting, P!nk was amazing, Justin Timberlake was entertaining, and the majority of the commercials were pretty good, this leaves the most important thing left out. Where were the Clydesdales?

All over social media this morning people are talking about the Eagles' win, Philadelphia fans, selfie kid, and P!nk's gum, but why aren't there more people talking about the Clydesdales? The Budweiser Clydesdale commercials have become a tradition for the Super Bowl, with many people looking forward to them more than the game itself. So, what gives Budweiser?

I have the answer.

Budweiser debuted the commercial "Beer Country", which featured Clydesdales, online rather than during the Super Bowl. Budweiser used their TV commercial time to show the canned water they produced for natural disasters of this past year.

Anheuser-Busch used their brewery in Georgia to produce canned water for relief efforts, rather than beer. Their Super Bowl spot shined a light on their efforts.

The commercial "Beer Country" aka the Clydesdale commercial, featured 8 different horses and many landmarks in the country.

Not only did Budweiser release a 60-second Clydesdale commercial, they also released a "making of" video to satisfy the Clydesdale lover in all of us.

The video starts off with Monica Rustgi, Senior Brand Director, saying, "The Clydesdales are one of our most prized pieces of the Budweiser family..."

I think most people would agree with that statement. Eight horses were used in the "Beer Country" commercial. All running unbridled and free. The commercial is beautiful.

See how they made it here:

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