A restaurant in New York is limiting the amount of drinks parents can have when their kids are with them.

You gather up your kids for a dinner out. Maybe you choose Peddlers Bar and Bistro in Clifton Park, New York. You have been forewarned parents, you can only have one drink.

Now legally, the restaurant can't tell you that you can only have one drink because you have your kids with you, but they have been implementing this rule since 2010.

The restaurant says they enforce this rule because they care about children and do not want a child injured or killed because their parents drank a little too much at their establishment.

Of course, some patrons are less than thrilled over this rule. Servers and bartenders have been yelled at by customers. A manager will be sent out to handle the situation and explain why they feel this rule is important.

However, there are some customers who understand and like the rule saying it is a way to protect children.

If a parent who is driving a child does not want to abide by the one drink limit they are asked to leave.

Source: FoxNews.com


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