Whatever it was, it had the entire neighborhood running out their doors and springing into action.


I've never seen a community come together quite so quickly when two cars collided on the corner of Winchester and Rosborough Ave.

What's scariest in this moment is not the loud crash that literally drew hundreds of people to the scene--but the fact that one of the vehicles headed straight into the corner house amidst the crash.

Credit: TSM

What's even SCARIER is that the car plowed directly into the center of the duplex, where the residents sit to enjoy the outside, ALL DAY.  Every. Single. Day.

One women was sitting in the chair placed outside of the corner home, when she got up for a split second to check something in the back. In that moment, the crash happened--causing the vehicle to plow directly into the location the women was previously sitting.

The accident was startling, but everyone is okay thanks to the quick response of the Ventnor City Police, Fire Department, and most importantly: The community.

Credit: TSM


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