We have a lot of beautiful small, quaint towns in New Jersey.

From the Jersey Shore to all over New Jersey.

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There are charming streets, shops, history, and so much to do in this little downtown in New Jersey.

What town in New Jersey is one of the most enchanted in the country? Hint: stroll along the grounds of a popular University.

What town in New Jersey is one of the most enchanted in the country?

It's Princeton, NJ. New Jersey residents enjoy taking a weekend trip to Princeton for the shopping and the history.

Thanks to onlyinyourstate.com, Nassau Street is the heart of Princeton, close to Princeton University, shopping, and dining.

google maps
google maps / Princeton University

Along Nassau street, stop into a coffee shop and a bookstore. Labyrinth Bookstore is a community bookstore in the heart of Princeton that has new, used, and rare books. You might be able to find that special book you're looking for at this bookstore.

Another cute area that I heard about, I was never there is Palmer Square. From the pictures I see, it's so charming with shops and dining. It almost looks like something you see in a storybook.

google maps
google maps / store front in Palmer Square

From Princeton University, the history of the University, and everything in between, it's been chosen as one of New Jersey's most enchanting towns. A small town in Mercer County, rich in history. Also, I hear there's an amazing chocolate shop in the heart of Palmer Square.

Princeton made the top of the list, but if I ask listeners, the most enchanting town is Barnegat Light, LBI. I agree with that.

When I see the word enchanting, I think of a storybook town, the definition of enchanting is delightfully charming.

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