Hi there, I really need to talk with you for a few moments. I guess technically I am talking to you, not with you. More and more towns in New Jersey are placing bans on single-use plastic bags in stores and people are freaking out. What's that phrase? Oh,or that's right, first world problems. Who knew we would reach a point in humanity where remembering to bring a few bags to a store was too much for us...

I was scrolling through Twitter looking for differing opinions on this "polarizing" issue, but unfortunately, people enjoy using very colorful language. I've seen people complain about having to remember to bring bags. I've seen people complain that they have to buy bags now. I've seen people complain that they won't have any bags for dog poop or litter boxes. The amount of excuses is ridiculous. If you are any of the people listed above or have another complaint concerning using reusable bags please keep reading.

I wish I could say I see your side of thing, but to be frank your side holds no water. The argument that I see most often is that it's a hassle and you forget to bring them a lot. You remember your cell phone right? I would say a good amount of people complaining lived a decent amount of their life without having a cell phone. You remember your wallet right? Leave the bags in your car. After you finish putting away what you bought, put the bags near your front door and grab them on the way out. It's really not that difficult.

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You can buy your reusable bags for less than a dollar a piece at most stores. There is a wide variety of styles, sizes, and patterns. I'm a visual person, I need things to look fun.

You can order them in bulk on Amazon, so you don't even have to leave your house to get them. Talk about convenience.

Ladies, they even fold up into small pouches so they can fit in your bag.

There is no adequate excuse to not have a few bags with you.

Do you reuse your bags for dog poop or litter liners? They sell biodegradable dog poop bags that cost about 4 cents a bag. My dog poops 2 times a day, so this bag set will last me 180 days. Problem solved.

Oh, you say you have a cat? They make cat litter bags too. Again, problem solved.

Let's be very honest with each other right now, your reaction is a knee jerk reaction. Many of us react to change negatively, initially, but in the end, we conform and everything works out in the end.

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