Parmalee dig a little deeper with "Roots," their first single from an upcoming sophomore album. The rock-infused power ballad is the song you think it: a personal reflection of what makes a man a man.

Singer Matt Thomas didn’t write "Roots," but his performance is his most sincere since Parmalee’s breakthrough hit "Carolina." A mix of steel guitar, bass drum and reverb inject more nostalgia into his storytelling. Not long after the piano introduction begins you know you're preparing to look back. The arrangement tears through emotional walls you build unintentionally.

A younger artist may struggle with the weight of "Roots," but Thomas shows no fear in handling the clever yet familiar references and details. Songs from Feels Like Carolina were straight-forward country-rockers, but if the second album is to follow the tone of this lead single, a more introspective collection of ideas and emotions is on the horizon.

Did You Know?: When Parmalee travel they rely on guitarist Josh McSwain to man the grill. He's the band's resident foodie.

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Parmalee Talk About "Roots" 

Parmalee, "Roots" Lyrics:

“I’m still running 33s up underneath this truck / Even though rush hour concrete is the only place I’m getting stuck / Ain’t on the farm no more but on a stretch of sunny days / I still catch myself looking up at the sky / Praying for a little rain.”

“No I can’t outrun these roots / Even if I wanted to / Cause they run too strong, run too deep / Cutting right through the heart of me / No it don’t matter where I plant these boots / Can’t outrun these roots / I can’t outrun these roots.”

“There’s still that back-home part of me, that can’t help but see things a little differently / Like how there ain’t no need to put a ‘G’ on the end of huntin’ or fishin’ / And I still got granddaddy’s bible, his old rifle and his name / But I also got his pour a little more / Coarsin’ through my veins.”

“Thank God I can’t / They’re tangled up in every part of who I am / Without ‘em I know I don’t stand a chance / I can’t outrun these roots.”

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