Wednesday proved to be a fateful day for an older South Jersey couple that lost their lives in a dreadful accident involving a garbage truck.

According to multiple reports, police in Gloucester Township have finally been able to confirm the identities of two elderly people who perished as a result of their car colliding with a parked dump truck on Berlin Crosskeys Road. Reportedly, the couple hailed from Sicklerville in Camden County. Police were waiting to reveal the names of the deceased until families could be notified of the tragedy.

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Now, we know that it was Daniel and Beverly Hammond, 79 and 78, who were pronounced dead at the scene. According to police, nobody in the truck was hurt. The accident is said to have taken place on the section of Berlin Cross Keys Road near Camden County Technical School. The crash happened in the afternoon hours on Wednesday, September 8th.

It has been stated that the Hammonds' car hit the truck that was parked on the shoulder of the roadway. Again, nobody in the dump truck had been reported injured. If anyone believes he, she, or anyone you may know might be able to share any information about the accident, you're being encouraged to reach out to the Gloucester Township Police Department. They can be contacted at 856-228-4500. The department also has an anonymous tip line through which you can report what you may have seen at 856-842-5560.

No word has yet been revealed about funeral services for the couple.

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