Yet another investigation is underway in Cumberland County's Bridgeton section this week.

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Last week, there were several incidents in the same municipality including the man gunned down when he was struck in the knee at the Amity Heights apartment complex. Now, authorities are looking for any information the public can supply regarding a motive or description of who fired twelve bullets right through the window of a Bridgeton residence.

This new report is like the after-hours of mischief night gone WAY too far. reports the shooting happened during the early hours of Halloween morning. Officers arrived at the residence after 4 a.m. and found twelve bullet holes in various places on the house. The report claims that almost half of them actually went right through a window directly into the home.

Luckily, nobody was injured. However, police are unsure of a motive and are also short on suspects. It's unclear whether or not children reside at the targeted residence. If they do and if they would've been home, can you imagine how devastated they'd be to not only deal with something so traumatic, but on Halloween no less? Nothing was mentioned regarding whether or not anyone was home when the bullets rang out, only that no injuries were sustained by anyone.

Police are asking anyone that knows anything to please come forward. You can click HERE for all the information you need to reach out.


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