A video has been posted to YouTube that reportedly shows a UFO over Egg Harbor Township.

The video on YouTube channel Aliens and UFO, shows a lone, bright dot hovering motionless over EHT.

Perhaps you have seen something like this when other planets are clearly visible from the earth -- like Mars, Venus, Jupiter, or even Saturn.

While we cannot independently verify that this video was taken in Egg Harbor Township, we have no reason to believe it was not. Or maybe it wasn't. Or was? It may have been. Probably could have been. We're pretty sure.

Anyway, what this video does clearly show is a bright celestial body high in the night sky, very similar to another planet as seen from earth -- like Mars, Venus, Jupiter, or even Saturn.

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While it's difficult to tell exactly what it is, we shall not offer any additional commentary so we are not lumped into the "the media is covering-up UFOs!!" crowd.

We don't want that to happen.

We tend to base all of our reporting on earth-based facts here and not alien-based facts that you might find on planets like Mars, Venus, Jupiter, or even Saturn, which sometimes you can clearly, brightly, and motionlessly see from earth. At night. In the sky. By looking up. Pretty much on any night when it's not cloudy. Without a telescope. And they stay still. Because they're planets.

UFO sightings across the Garden State are certainly nothing new. There was widespread reporting of a UFO over North Jersey (it was the Goodyear Blimp). We have also recently seen reports of a "big red body" over Vineland, alien abductions out towards Salem County, and even more possible UFOs around Linwood and Port Republic.

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