Rotten Tomatoes has become the site people go to when they are deciding if a movie is worth watching. I have come to learn I disagree with Rotten Tomatoes more than I agree with them or I just like terrible movies.

I took a look at some of the worst rated Christmas movies and realized I like a lot of them.

Here are 12 "rotten" Christmas movies that you should watch anyway.

  • 1

    Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 53% (audience score 55%)

    Critic David Edelstein: "Five-year-olds might go for it, but people who grew up with Jones' version will be looking at their watches and grinding their teeth."

    What I Think: I want to cry right now. This version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie. I grew up on the cartoon version, but, for me, this one beats that by a mile. Jim Carrey as the Grinch is amazing. Fun fact: Carrey brought in Marines to teach him pain tolerance. The prosthetic used on his face was extremely painful, but he was not allowed to remove them all day. The contacts were also very painful. I've watched it twice already this Christmas season and plan on watching it many more times this season. I made a friend of mine's daughter watch it this weekend because no one should go without seeing it. Am I a little too passionate about this movie?

  • 2

    Christmas with the Kranks

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 5% (audience score 37%)

    Critic Richard Luck: "Christmas With The Kranks is the sort of film that leaves you thinking Ebenezer Scrooge might have had the right idea about the festive season."

    What I Think: I thoroughly enjoy Christmas with the Kranks. It's a cute, funny and family friendly which are the things you look for in a Christmas movie.The cast is great and the plot is funny.

  • 3

    Deck the Halls

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 6% (audience score 29%)

    Critic Kevin Carr: "...a bit too faux-humbug for me."

    What I Think: Excuse me you have Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick leading this movie! i don't care if it's cheap comedy, it's still funny. Kristen Chenoweth is also hysterical in this movie. It's a goofy, it's cute, honestly I think it's great.

  • 4

    I'll Be Home For Christmas

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 23% (audience score 41%)

    Critic Michael O'Sullivan: "Too sophisticated for thumb-suckers, but far too stupid for anyone else."

    What I Think: Okay, let's be honest I think my inner 90's child is swaying my opinion on this one. It's Jonathan Taylor Thomas!!!

  • 5

    Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 40% (audience score 66%)

    Critic Michael Dequina: "Definitely one made for the smaller set."

    What I Think: How can anyone rate Mickey Mouse? How can anyone give Mickey Mouse a low score? There has to be some law against it, Mickey can do no wrong. In fairness there are only 5 critics scores for this one, however 3 out of 5 gave it a low score.

  • 6

    Four Christmases

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 24% (audience score 47%)

    Critic John C. Puccio: "How many Academy Award winners can a studio put in one cast and still turn out a bad movie?"

    What I Think: Let's put all the cards on the table right now. This is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I laugh every time I watch it. I adore Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn's funny fast rants are my favorite. It may not be 100% family friendly, but if you have older kids it's great. The trivia scene is classic.

  • 7

    This Christmas

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 56% (audience score 81%)

    Critic Jason Anderson: "An incoherent mess in which scenes of teary reconciliations sit uncomfortably next to protracted gags involving catfights, car wrecks and a big bottle of baby oil."

    What I Think: I hate that the critic brought up the baby oil scene because it is so hysterical and amazing. This movie has Chris Brown (okay not a good way to defend my argument), Regina King (much better, I love her), the extremely hot and talented Idris Elba, and Loretta Devine. The audience score is 81% so clearly I am on to something here.

  • 8


    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 29% (audience score 48%)

    Critic Christopher Null: "There's nothing at all surprising about Noel, except for the fact that it was ever made."

    What I Think: Funny story, I watched this movie last night. I was searching for a Christmas movie on Netflix and this came up. I am happy I didn't see the rating on it before I watched it because I quite enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure my mom cried at the end (sorry mom). The cast is impressive: Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, Paul Walker, Penelope Cruz, Alan Arkin, and so many others. The story was a feel good Christmas theme, which I quite like.

  • 9

    Tyler Perry's: A Madea Christmas

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 20% (audience score 70%)

    Critic Amy Nicholson: "Larry the Cable Guy and Madea are an oddly perfect pairing. They're both comedians in drag - Larry just gets to wear pants"

    What I Think: I love the Madea movies. Tyler Perry has created such an endearing character that makes us laugh. The opening scene where Madea is working in a store at the mall and a woman is attempting to buy lingerie is pretty darn funny. Larry the Cable Guy and Tyler Perry (Madea) riff off each other well.

  • 10

    Fred Claus

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 21% (audience score 45%)

    Critic Peter Howell: "It senselessly dims an idea that should shine as brightly as Rudolph's nose."

    What I Think: Another movie Vince Vaughn is in that gets panned by critics. This is another cute family friendly Christmas movie that can be enjoyed by all.

  • 11

    The Santa Clause 1 and 2

    Rotten Tomatoes Score (The Santa Clause 2): 55% (audience score 42%)

    Critic Robert Denerstein (The Santa Clause 2):"A bloated, prefab sequel that gets stuck in the chimney."

    Rotten Tomatoes Score (The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause): 15% (audience score 39%)

    Critic Gregory Kirschling (The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause): "This Styrofoam snowman of a sequel overdoses on its own candy-cane-colored sugary cheer."

    What I Think: Are the second and third The Santa Clause movies as good as the first? No, but let's be honest sequels are rarely as good as the original. However, are they terrible? No. Are they good to sit with your family and drink hot chocolate with the tree lights on? Yes.

  • 12

    Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

    Rotten Tomatoes Score: 27% (audience score 61%)

    Critic Jason Morgan: "...made solely to sell Talkboys (and let's not forget the pink Talkgirls) to kids..."

    What I Think: Anything beyond Home Alone 2 is bad, I'll admit that. However, I found the second installment of Home Alone to be cute and funny. Plus Tim Curry is in it, need I say more?

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