Any die-hard fisher person would either be shocked and terrified or prouder than proud if this little gal was their kid.

A video is currently circulating the interwebs that's making everybody lose their minds. It features a little girl, can't be over two years old, who has not a fear in the world about the catfish squirming in her lap at the campground her family's vacationing at. You can hear the pride in her father's voice as she scrambles to keep the catfish within her grasp. If you know anything about fishing, and catfishing at that, this little girl could've been really hurt. Catfish have barbs that, if they get you, could really mess you up. A barb's sting is super painful, not to mention venomous.

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If you completely suspend the danger present within the video, it's incredibly comical when you watch it considering the fact that most children would shriek in horror at something so slimy and slippery. However, this little girl is determined to take this thing home with her and keep it in her bathtub. You can even hear the mom say in the background that she couldn't even imagine any of her other children so enthused about a catfish in their laps.

The best part of the video is when the baby stands up with the catfish in hand. The smile she has on her face is so adorable when she hears everybody cheering her on for successfully noodling the fish. You watch as the fish falls back into the water, but as the video cuts off, you see the little girl back at it again trying to capture the catfish a second time. Whether you agree with how the family handled the situation or not, you have to hand it to the little girl for her fearlessness. Most would probably agree, the video is more dangerous than hilarious, but it's still wild to see how brave she is throughout the whole thing.

One thing's for sure, she got lucky. She'll definitely be a fan of the outdoors when she grows up. Someone needs to call Carrie Underwood's husband! He tried his hand at some catfish noodling this summer. Maybe this little girl can show him how it's done.

Watch the video below:

Source: Facebook

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