Sheryl Crow isn't trying to make eye patches fashionable, even if she does look fantastic when aping One-Eyed Willie. The singer merely adopted the black patch to protect her sore peeper. It seems that she injured her eye will playing tennis with her kids.

Crow posted a photo of her "accessory" on her Instagram page, writing: "So this is what happens when you play tennis with your kids... Someone has a good forehand!"

Crow, 51, has two adopted sons: Wyatt, 6, and Levi, 3. She didn't share which of her young boys had the good forehand and hit mom smack dab in her eye, but it's likely that she's not mad at whoever caused her to sport the patch. Plus, if one of her sons is showing some serious skill in tennis at a young age, she might be okay with having a black eye or a scratch, since this could lead to bigger and better things for her son later in life.

Crow is gearing up to release her debut country album 'Feels Like Home,' which is set to drop in just over a month on Sept. 10. She will also embark on a tour with Gary Allan.

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