Sister Hazel are best known for '90s pop hits like "All for You," but they haven't stopped making music since. Now, they're switching gears and going country with their new album, Lighter in the Dark. Sister Hazel stopped by the ToC Nights studio to talk about what an easy transition it's been.

With their first new studio album in five years, the band is switching gears and mixing up their signature sound, if only a little. Sister Hazel aren't strangers to Nashville — they have formed relationships with some of country music's top songwriters an artists and have had ties to Music City for years.

“Our management has been here for over a decade," frontman Ken Block explains to ToC Nights. "Drew had a writing deal up here. We’ve been writing for 10 years up here. Some of those collaborations have been great and a couple of them landed on this record.”

With the help big songwriting names like Chris DeStefano, their first country album was formed. The 14-track record, out now, includes a collaboration with Darius Rucker and a beautiful song titled "Prettiest Girl at the Dance," which the guys are particularly excited about.

“We were fortunate enough to come up here over the last many, many years and write with some amazing writers. One of the favorite guys to write with is Billy Montana. He’s just awesome — he’s an awesome singer, songwriter. He and I sat down, this has been a few years ago, and wrote this song and when I bought it into the band they really just took hold of it and kind of made it our own. It’s a song that’s on our record now it’s called ‘Prettiest Girl at the Dance.’”

Sister Hazel's album, Lighter in the Dark, is out now on iTunes. The band is currently touring their new music.

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