Gotta hand it to the folks over at Great Adventure for this one. Anything that combines my love of thrills with my love a folklore, I'm already giving it a ten out of ten.

Six Flags has FINALLY announced the opening day of their brand new roller coaster with Jersey roots. The 'Jersey Devil' coaster will officially be open to the public Sunday, June 13th. This isn't just any old roller coaster ribbon cutting, though. says that this coaster will break records.

The Jersey Devil is supposed to be not only the tallest coaster IN THE WORLD, but also the fastest. The record breaking doesn't stop there, either. The coaster is also the longest coaster of its kind to exist. To say this ride breaks the roller coaster mold is an understatement.

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Now, knowing all of that, you'd say the folks over at Six Flags Great Adventure gave it a pretty fitting name, right? Named for the mysterious beast supposedly residing in the Pine Barrens, no one's been able to capture concrete evidence of whatever thing preys on shoobies and Jersey outsiders. It's too quick. Apparently, that's the type of wild ride guests can expect this Sunday.

The date of the opening isn't a coincidence, either. The number '13' plays a significant role in the lore of the Jersey Devil's story. Every aspect of this ride has a purpose. 13 seats on the coaster, 13 stories tall, the Jersey Devil was supposed to be his mother's 13th child, the list goes on and on.

If you've got season passes to the park, you can get your Jersey Devil fix as soon as this Friday. If not, you'll have to wait til Sunday.

For more information on the brand new 'Jersey Devil' coaster, click HERE.


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