Have you ever wanted to snuggle up at night with your favorite celebrity crush? Well, you can now, thanks to knucklehead8 on Etsy!

Yep! If Adam Levine from Maroon 5 and The Voice is what does it for you, there's a pillow for that! There's also a pillow for Lady Gaga, Harry Styles from One Direction, Nicki Minaj, Wonder Woman, Daft Punk, Dr. Who and more! According to the advertisement, the pillows are meant for small children... sure it is!

{QUALITY}-Each doll is individually hand made. Pillow doll is ink-jet printed on colorfast 100% cotton fabric on both front and back side then generously filled with polyester stuffing.

{SIZE}-Measures approximately 5" wide and 9.5" high.

{CARE}-Spot clean only with cold water, no detergent or soap. Clean with even pressure. Keep sharp objects away from doll to prevent color from scratching off.

This is a collector's item and not intended for small children.

Sure it's meant for small children... Small children like me! Heck, I already whipped out my credit card and my Adam Levine pillow is on it's way and it's mine, all mine!!! And for the low price of $20, I will clearly be the envy of all my girlfriends.

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