If you're an educator based in the South Jersey area and in search of a job, you may be in luck.

Truthfully, depending on where you're based within the region, you probably won't have to travel too far. A new Facebook post shared by the Somers Point School District has confirmed that they've instituted a raise in the daily pay of substitutes within the district's three schools. This could be great news for someone currently out of work who wouldn't mind taking a substitute position until something more permanent comes along.

While the increase in pay is, indeed, great news, there are four different tiers under which you could fall based on your credentials.

Tier 1

The first tier is for someone that would fall under the category of paraprofessionals. A substitute paraprofessional, according to the post, can now expect to make $100 per day if hired within the district.

Tier 2

You'd fall under the second tier if you're currently a certified substitute teacher with that specific title on your teaching certificate. Subs with substitute teacher certifications will take home $130 per day.

Tier 3

If you're hired as a substitute teacher within the building and have a teaching certificate (a daily substitute), then you'll earn $170 per day.

Tier 4

Finally, if you're hired as a long-term substitute for a classroom and you also have your teaching certificate, your pay would be $200 per day.

All of this information can be seen via the Somers Point School District's Facebook page and on the post below. Check it out:

If you plan on applying, we wish you the best of luck!

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