With the coronavirus outbreak at an all-time high, hospitals are seeing an upswing in testing, therefore increasing flow traffic to their microbiology labs.

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On the other hand, in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many people are choosing to postpone various elective surgeries to save the beds for those infected with the novel coronavirus. This means that hospitals are seeing a significant decrease in revenue due to the extra measures taken to preserve the health of all workers and patients.

As a result, one South Jersey hospital has made a statement to its staff asking for voluntary layoffs. NJ.com reports that Shore Medical Center has urged those in departments that are experiencing significantly less foot traffic to consider offering themselves up as tribute for layoff. One would expect that the hope would be those let go would be able to come back after the COVID-19 outbreak is dealt with, should the situation allow them to do so.

Shore Medical Center is not alone. Many hospitals are having to look at ways to cut costs during these times of postponements and service cancellations.

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Source: NJ.com

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