It's a question that every resident of the region has been wanting answered for over two months now.

The truth is, South Jersey's 'new normal' hasn't even been established yet. The state has been closed for so long that businesses haven't even had much of a chance to work it out for themselves. With the announcement of the freeze on indoor dining for the foreseeable future, who knows if some of these small businesses will even be able to afford a shot at a new normal once the time comes.

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Governor Murphy said he hit the "pause" button on allowing indoor dining to resume because of what he's seen over the last week or so and how people are acting and behaving at establishments and bars that can accommodate an outdoor atmosphere. He loves the word "knucklehead". According to him, it's because of those people, the knuckleheads, that weren't adhering to social distancing guidelines that he felt it was best to postpone the reopening of indoor dining establishments.

It's a shame, too, because most people are wearing their masks and adhering to safety protocols. Nobody wants to be the person who's responsible for infecting someone else with COVID-19. The sooner this whole pandemic is under control in this state, the better for all.

Nobody knows what South Jersey's new normal will look like, but it'd sure be nice for us to be given the chance to establish one.



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