Did you see it? The pink glow?

It happened a little later than we expected, but it was all planned by the folks at NASA.

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We knew there was a possibility of seeing some "colored clouds" thanks to a rocket launch that took place today.

NASA was secretive on the time of the launch - and, honestly, we expected it earlier in the afternoon - but, it happened late in the afternoon/early evening.

Here's what NASA had to say about what was going to happen:

After flying to an altitude of several hundred miles and about 500 miles off-shore, the rocket’s payload will release a small quantity of vapor – an amount equivalent to about two BBQ grill propane tanks - into the near-vacuum of space. There is no danger to public health or the Earth’s environment from the vapor release.

After the vapor release, colorful clouds may be visible over the ocean to residents in the mid-Atlantic and southeastern United States as the Sun illuminates the vapor before it diffuses harmlessly into space. You can read more about the NASA project here.

The glow in the sky was captured and shared by Brianna Rothmel, who was in Port Elizabeth at the time:



Here's a look at some of what was shared on Twitter:

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