Everyone's been touched by alcohol or substance abuse in one way or another. Whether it's you, your friend(s), a family member, or an acquaintance, we all know someone dealing with abuse.

A press release was sent out this morning announcing the "Living Above The Influence Youth Summit" happening today at Stockton University. The goal of the summit organizers is to educate both college and high school students about all the hazards that come with substance abuse. Seminars will focus on drug and alcohol abuse prevention, but will also have elements targeting tobacco dependency as well as the abuse of prescription drugs.

Most importantly, the seminar will include ways of coping with substance abuse as a third-party. This means that the students will learn what to do to help discourage abuse within their peer circles. So, even if they themselves aren't partaking, they can help others that need it.

The Living Above the Influence Youth Summit is presented by the Stockton Wellness Center, Join Together Atlantic County, and Atlantic Prevention Resources. The summit is currently underway until 1:30 inside the Stockton Campus Center Event Room.

Courtesy of Laurie Smith, Atlantic Prevention Resources

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