Allegations about the recent alleged conduct of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small have surfaced and are now a matter of public record.

We have interviewed several people close to the situation, who have alleged some disturbing things about Small’s alleged conduct at this past Wednesday, August 24, 2022 19th Annual MEET AC Atlantic City Airshow.

The first person we interviewed was John Exadaktilos, owner of the Ducktown Tavern in Atlantic City, who is the alleged victim of Small’s alleged wrath.

Exadaktilos said:

“Thanks for reaching out about my incident with the mayor and his social media chief of staff. The post that Coby Frier posted on Thursday is absolutely 100% spot on. There is NO other way to describe what happened. I’m willing to bet the farm on it,” said Exadaktilos.

Exadaktilos personally worked the Airshow and was making regular deliveries to one of the VIP Chalet’s throughout the annual special event.

It was during this time that Exadaktilos alleges that Small and another city hall employee approached him in a very aggressive and verbally threatening manner.

Exadaktikos confirmed two things:

1. That Mayor Small and an associate of his harassed him in a threatening manner, while he was doing his job. Exadaktilos emphasized that Small was doing this during his normal daytime working hours.

2. Exadaktilos also confirmed that a lengthy Facebook post that has been published by Small supporter Coby Frier was “100 percent accurate in every way,” said Exadaktilos.

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Exadaktilos also confirmed to us that Frier was a direct witness (in close proximity) to everything that occurred.

Frier’s Facebook post is voluminous and some of the allegations are disgusting and I will not dignify them and publish these harsh words here.

To give some context, the allegations by Exadaktilos and Frier are that Small used repeated threatening and bad language that included a male sexual body part.

For fear of potential retaliation, Frier placed a preamble on his Facebook Post before publishing his Open Letter to Small:

A little Atlantic City rant that has been weighing
heavy on my mind since yesterday. I didn't post this
immediately for fear of retribution by the person (Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small) I am posting about. I know that fear is real, but hopefully he takes the positive out of this post, wrote Frier.

Here are the bullet points that Frier made in his open letter to Small.

1. Mayor Small and (Atlantic City Social Media Director) Kash, you were doing this during "work hours", not on your time. You were doing this on taxpayers time.

2. Mr. Mayor, this is not your city, it is our city and we
hired you to work for us. You are employed by the
citizens of Atlantic City, it is not a throne. John (Exadaktilos) is your employer, he is allowed to disagree and call you out anyway he pleases and you need to accept it as "part of the job.”

3.  Mr. Mayor, despite John getting under your skin,
which lets face it, I can't blame you, he is brutal
about it, as Mayor you have to be held accountable to a higher standard, you failed miserably yesterday.

4. Mr. Mayor, to not control your employees and
actually instigate them to do your bidding for you might be even worse than you doing it yourself. If you are going to "talk the talk" then take off your mayor suit and " walk the walk" don't have a hired thug do your dirty work. If you really want to fight, fight. It is foolish but have at it. Don't have another employee do it for you. BTW, that employee (Kash) also technically works for Johnny and the taxpayers as well.”

Frier concludes his open letter to Small and wrote:

“In closing, I am sure someone in your circle will show
you this post. It was done out of love for Atlantic
City, not out of hate for you. I have supported you
doing good things in the past and will continue to do
so, but yesterday was an embarrassment,” concluded Frier.

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