Taylor Swift has gotten her fair share of prom invitations this year. In February, 18-year-old New Jersey native Kevin McGuire asked the ‘Love Story’ songstress to his prom, and with a little help from his friends, caught her attention. This time, it’s 19-year-old Devon Whitney from Aurora, Colo. who is requesting Swift’s presence at the big senior dance.

Devon suffers from a rare disease called Oto-Palatal-Digital Syndrome (OPD), which affects his body from head to toe. Afraid of being rejected, Devon was too shy to ask anyone at his school to the prom. Instead, he chose to take a shot in the dark and ask his famous ideal date to be his escort to the biggest dance of the year.

OPD makes Devon look a little bit different, but that’s no reason for him to be put down. Because he feels self-conscious around his classmates, at first Devon felt too shy to get dressed up and go to the formal dance at all. But for country music’s sweetheart — his self professed dream girl — Devon came out of his shell.

The teen made a video, in which he holds up index cards which tell his story to the camera. “My senior prom is coming up and at first I didn’t want to go. It just seemed like another opportunity for kids to be mean. And let me tell you, kids can be REAL mean!” he wrote.

He continued, “But then I started to think. If I had a crazy beautiful date. How could they possibly make fun of me?,” he wrote in the clip. “So then I started to think of who that might be? No ordinary girl would do. Then you popped into my head. I’ve seen you in concert before. And you’re BREATHTAKING!! So I decided right then that even though it is a long shot, there’s nobody else in this world that would compare to you as a date. So what do you say? Taylor will you go with me to prom?”

Although Devon didn’t speak in the recording, it’s easy to tell that he’s a sweet guy. So far, his video has received more than 7,000 views, but no word on whether or not it has reached the eyes of the 22-year-old superstar yet.

Though as we mentioned, this isn’t Swift’s first invitation to prom. After the singer received some very public pleas from Kevin McGuire — a one-time cancer survivor who is plagued with the disease again — Swift answered his request. While the ‘Safe & Sound’ songstress wasn’t able to accept the first invite to the prom, she did Kevin one better by inviting him to the ACM awards in April. Unfortunately, McGuire was too sick to make it to the event.

Will Devon Whitney get his wish? We’ll have to wait and see.

Watch Devon Whitney’s Taylor Swift Prom Invite Video

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