While most celebrities are known for random party photos or the occasional didn’t-mean-for-anyone-to-see-that-moment snapshots, Taylor Swift recently retweeted a friend’s candid photo of her — playing dress-up. Looking like happy little girls enjoying a moment of delight, Swift and pal Claire Kislinger are decked out in charming dresses, and Swift’s appears to be a wedding gown with a matching veil of some sort.

Kislinger has donned a strapless rose-colored lacy dress with a crown of roses atop her auburn locks. With Swift’s vintage sunglasses and long strands of peals draped over her neck, the two truly do look like two girls out of a storybook. But then there’s also that wine rack right behind them reminding the viewer that these are not just two little girls playing dress up in mom’s closet, but two grown women having a good time and not being afraid to goof around for a bit.

Tweeting the whimsical photo, Kislinger wrote, “Oh no….it’s dress up night,” and Swift soon retweeted her friend’s pic. Perhaps they were pretending it was Swift’s wedding or maybe they just grabbed a couple of gowns at random, but whatever the case, the two look like two peas in a pod.

Though she’s a 22-year-old international phenomenon who has recently traveled the world, launched her own perfume line, landed songs in a major soundtrack, provided the voice for a film that turned out to be a box office hit, made countless talk show appearances and balanced all that comes from being an in-demand star, it’s nice to see Swift truly doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s real, and that seems to be one of the things her fans most admire.

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