Murphy's latest executive order ensures all New Jersey residents an intimate Thanksgiving holiday experience this year.

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Governor Phil Murphy addressed the state in a livestreamed press conference Monday during which he outlined his latest plan to combat the uptick in coronavirus cases within New Jersey. First, he detailed his plan that's already been executed with the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control that's been citing multiple restaurants and bars for violating the latest executive order this week. The order mandates all indoor dining to end by 10 o'clock every evening.

According to Murphy's Twitter account, over one-hundred locations were inspected with only about 10% of them receiving citations.

So, if you thought this thing might clear itself up in time for you to enjoy your annual Thanksgiving-eve festivities, don't get too excited. As a matter of fact, Murphy's latest order pretty much solidifies what most of us were already planning on anyway... a much smaller Thanksgiving celebration than usual. Murphy is mandating on Tuesday (11/16) that
all indoor gatherings include ten people or less. Outdoor gathering's mustn't exceed 150 people.

If you hail from a large family, Thanksgiving might look different for you this year. Everything must be scaled back to comply with the latest mandate. So, if you'd normally gather at Grandma's with 20+ family members, that party will have to be divided in half, maybe even thirds depending on how many people you usually expect to attend.

The silver lining here? At least the mandates were made in enough time for people to shift their plans.

Click HERE to see all of the latest guidelines issued by Murphy today.



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