The Band Perry could have easily performed their crossover smash hit ‘If I Die Young’ at the 2012 ACM Awards tonight (April 1), but the trio instead chose to give fans and viewers something new. They performed their hot-off-the-press single ‘Postcard From Paris’ and it sounded so good, it was as though they’ve been rocking it live for eons. It’s a smart strategy to promote a brand new single at an awards show forum such as this and it’s one of TBP’s best songs. So it was win-win for the band and its fans.

TBP started the song with the lights dimmed on the stage, with their name spelled out in neon sign block letters behind each member, offering a bit of illumination. The stage lights came on and singer Kimberly Perry stepped forward to begin singing. She was followed by her brothers, each of which stepped into the light alongside of her.

Miss Perry looked so pretty in her simple, strapless black dress as she tore through the song, with an image of the Paris skyline behind the band. This performance reminded us why 2011 was a breakthrough, banner year for the Perry siblings. The sky really is the limit for ‘em.

Watch the Band Parry Perform ‘Postcard From Paris’ at the 2012 ACM Awards

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