Last night, I saw 'The Hunger Games.'

I will get to the movie in a minute - -

Yesterday I posted a blog about the beginning of our kitchen renovations.  My kitchen looks A LOT different today than it did yesterday.  See below -

Before - Notice the cabinets, stove, the floor......

Kitchen Before

After - Now notice the lack of cabinets, lack of a stove, lack of the floor, oh and a wall, actually two walls are now gone!

Kitchen After

Needless to say, we went out for dinner last night!  There's a brand new LongHorn Steakhouse in our town that opened on Monday, so we headed over before the movie.  It's hard to critique a restaurant the first week it's open...  So I won't....

On to the movie.  'The Hunger Games' is the first film installment of Suzanne Collins bestselling young adult novel of the same name.

Hunger Games Ticket

I read the trilogy last summer and loved it, so I was really looking forward to the movie.  And I loved it.  It stuck to the book pretty well, I realize for the sake of time (its already 2 & a half hours long) that the producers can't put everything in the movie....  I get it.  It was still really really good.  My husband, who doesn't read much, liked it too.

It has a PG-13 ratings because there is a lot of violence, obviously, but it isn't gory.  It's unsettling because it's children participating in the violence, but you can handle it.  I know you can.

Go out and enjoy it.  As we were driving home from the theater last night, my husband said, "I feel like someone is going to jump out of the bushes in front of our car and shoot us with a bow and arrow!"

I got a good laugh out of that.

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