If you don't know about the infamous "chair house" in Southern Ocean County, it's a home that simply has a chair sitting atop the very high peak of this home in West Creek, New Jersey.

By the way I use the term “infamous” for two reasons. One the chair is broken but also because the house is so high and there is NO room on the top, it scares the #&%@ out of me lol just the idea of going up there! So to me it’s “infamous” but it’s a beautiful home with nice owners.


I have to ask, would you sit up there? I could not for any reason lol that’s to high and no way could you get me up there lol I credit the folks who put the chair up there....thats just not on my list of things I’d like to try.


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The chair sits atop the home nearly 70 feet in the air and it all began in 1887. According to Weird New Jersey, the home was originally built on Long Beach Island in 1887 before it was moved to the mainland into West Creek in 1936, where it has stood ever since.


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It was originally a joke, but the chair was set atop the house circa 1940, by then owner Albert Lindholm. The rest is history. The home has had several owners and several versions of the chair ever since.


Shawn Michaels


The reason I'm writing this article today is that recently while passing the chair house I noticed the chair looks a bit worn and missing parts, so is it time to replace it with a new, intact chair?

I'll be honest I could never have the nerve to climb up this steep and high house to replace, so maybe someone out there has an idea on how to help out this Southern Ocean County landmark and fit the home with a new chair?


Shawn Michaels



We love hearing your input and comments, so please post your ideas in the comments section below, and let's give the "chair house" some love and a new chair....just have to find someone brave enough to go up there lol



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