The most annoying question that you can ask someone from the Garden State is...

What do you think?

"Is it just like 'Jersey Shore?"


Especially here in South Jersey!  We couldn't be less like the infamous TV show...

Thrillist made a list of the most annoying questions for every state.  Some of them are really funny!  Here are a few of my favorites:

New Mexico

How close do you live to Walter White's house?
Too close. Everywhere is too close.


*Silently pantomimes hula dancing expecting some sort of bemused response*

Well fine, aloha to you (and yes, we know it means hello and goodbye, and in this particular context, it definitely means goodbye).


*Just sings a bunch of Nirvana songs, though at least one of them is actually a Soundgarden song mistaken for a Nirvana song, but ends final lyric in an upward manner to make it seem like it's actually a question* 
I was more of a Pearl Jam fan anyway.

But here's what Thrillist asks of New Jersey...

New Jersey

Is it just like Jersey Shore?
A friend of mine had fond childhood memories of purchasing shirts at the Seaside shop where Snooki and the gang "worked" during their tenure on MTV's unholy experiment in tanning bed abuse and forgettable catchphrase creation. Those memories are now ruined. Even the Jersey natives who should have BEEN on Jersey Shore hate it at this point. Please stop mentioning it.

Talking about The Sopranos is fine.

True.  So true.

Source: Thrillist

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