While we all know New Jersey is the best state in the country, we do have some problems here.

Besides the argument over whether or not Central Jersey actually exists (it doesn't).

With well over nine million people crammed into some 7,300 square miles, we have a lot going on here.

Wedged between the shore and the mountains are some highly-populated cities and, as expected, those are usually areas that have higher crime rates.

But not necessarily.

Some rural areas can have the same problems as places like Camden, Trenton and Newark.

To put things in perspective, we turned to statistics recently reported via a website for a legal firm to look at the 16 cities in New Jersey with the highest rates of violent crime (i.e. places that you really don't want to be after sunset).

While lots of big cities appear, some smaller communities are also on the list. In fact, some of these towns only have around 20,000 people.

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