Have you ever wondered how close that bolt of lightning was to your house? This site shows you where lightning has struck in real time.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you used to count the elephants between lightning and thunder. The less elephants you got to the closer the storm was. Now there is a way to see just how close the storm is to you.

LightningMaps.org is a real-time website that shows you on a map where lightning has recently struck. This can either give you piece of mind or be terrifying. You can also track thunder when you are zoomed in on the map.


Each dot represents where lightning struck. According to the site lightning that has struck in the last minute appears as a red circle. After a minute the circle turns yellow, with it getting darker as time progresses. The lightning will be shown on the map for an hour. If you zoom in to the map thunder is shown as a white circle that grows outward.

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