Garth Brooks is gunning for the Husband of the Year title, according to Trisha Yearwood. When she contracted COVID-19 in February, he refused to isolate himself from her, even though he tested negative for the virus and could have gotten it from her.

"He was really wonderful ... He was really great," Yearwood tells Kelly Clarkson during a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

In fact, Yearwood admits she's not sure she would have done the same for him: "I was like, 'If you get this, I'm not gonna sleep in the bed with you ... I love you, but no,'" she says.

Nonetheless, despite Yearwood's insistence, Brooks would not leave his wife, telling her, she recalls, "We're in this together."

"I'm like, 'You have to get away from me. You have to quarantine in another room ... I cannot give Garth Brooks COVID,'" she continues. "And he never did [contract it]. And [when] he had the vaccine, he didn't have any [side effects] — not even a sore arm."

His wife has a theory as to why. "He's an alien, and I think we've proved this," she jokes to Clarkson.

Though Yearwood was declared COVID-19-free in early March, she shares with Clarkson that she's still unable to taste or smell anything; in fact, she remembers that thinking the coffee Brooks made for her was weak — the first sign of a COVID symptom.

At the time of her conversation with Clarkson, Yearwood had been without taste and smell for about eight weeks — a particularly difficult situation for an avid cook, cookbook author and cooking show host. She explains that, currently, she "can tell if something's spicy, and that's about it."

"So now when I cook, I just ask Garth, 'Tell me if it needs more salt and pepper,'" Yearwood says.

Prior to contracting COVID-19 in February, Yearwood and Brooks needed to quarantine and get tested for the virus during summer 2020, after Brooks' daughter Allie was diagnosed with the virus. That time, the husband and wife both tested negative.

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