The former Sands Casino site in Atlantic City could one day be the home of a very unique roller coaster if as Florida developer has his way.

(WAIT! When you hear "Florida Developer", your mind immediately jumps to thoughts of the new owner of Revel, Glenn Straub, right? Well, nope. Straub is not involved with this project. Apparently, he's too busy constructing his indoor waterpark at Revel....)

According to a story in the Orlando Sentinel, Joshua Wallack is considering building a "polercoaster" in Atlantic City.  "Riders will loop and swirl around coaster rails which circle and climb up and down the center metalwork." The attraction would be similar to one Wallack is building in Florida, just not as big or complex.

The proposed coaster would be the 2nd "big ride" for Atlantic City, after the "Big Wheel" which is planned near the Steel Pier in the city.

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