VINELAND — Newly released police video shows the events that led to a confrontation between police and an belligerent intoxicated man -- ending with a takedown to the pavement family members say has left the man in a coma.

Vineland police were called to the Inspira Medical Center Vineland on Jan. 12 for a "domestic incident" involving a man believed to be drunk, according to Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae. She said the man stepped toward a woman with his fist clinched fist, prompting an officer to bring him to the ground in order to restrain him.

The man suffered a head injury and was taken to Cooper Hospital in Camden, according to Webb-McRae.

Brenda Munyon told the Daily Journal that she brought her boyfriend, William Oslin, 59,  to Inspira to get him involved in a detox program. Munyon said there was no domestic incident; he demanded she return a bottle of alcohol to him but instead she threw it out the window of their pick-up truck, she said.

In response to an Open Public Records Act request, the CCPO released the body camera video of the two responding Vineland police officers. It was not edited for content but faces were blurred to protect the identities of those not in law enforcement. New Jersey 101.5 has further edited the video only to remove profanity by one of the officers.

Warning: Graphic content in the video below.

A complaint in the case identifies the officer as Jeffrey Rowan and the officer who came to assist as "A. Capelli." The complaint charges Oslin with obstruction of justice

In the videos, Oslin is seen sitting on a curb in the parking lot smoking a cigarette, drinking alcohol from a bottle. He tells Rowan he was speaking to a Philadelphia police officer named "Dan" when the video begins. He defies Rowan's order to stop drinking and instead takes a drink.

Munyon tells Rowan that Oslin had been drinking for the past nine days. An Inspira security guard is also present.

Oslin puts the call on speaker and the Philadelphia officer urges Oslin to take Rowan's advice. Oslin tells Rowan Munyon is his former girlfriend as of a few minutes prior to speaking with the officer.

Oslin, wearing a "Roofers Local 30" jacket, becomes more difficult to understand as he stifles a cough and tries to explain himself to Rowan.

Munyon tells Capelli after he arrives that she's okay and says Oslin keeps getting "drunk and won't stop."  Oslin stands up and walks towards Munyon as he keeps talking on the phone.

Rowan tries to hold Oslin back and Muynon implores him to "stop before you get in trouble." She asks the officers to bring Oslin into the hospital but say they say they need to speak with him first.

"Billy, just get the help that you need," Munyon says.

In a rapid series of events Oslin suddenly seems to become aggressive. The Inspira guard moves in between Munyon and Oslin. Oslin struggles to break free but is instead pulled down to the sidewalk by Capelli, who had been restraining him. The Inspira guard's body partially blocks the camera for the moment just before and as Oslin is taken to the ground, making it difficult to tell exactly what gestures or movements he may have made to prompt it.

The Inspira guard holds Oslin down Rowan handcuffs him and mumbles, "f---kin' 'nother report. Way to listen, Bill" and tells Oslin he is under arrest.

Oslin's eyes are closed as he lays on his stomach, and blood can be seen on the sidewalk by his head. The officers work to turn him over onto his side and pull on rubber gloves to check the bleeding.

Both videos end at about that same moment.

Oslin's family previously told the Daily Journal that he had six hours of brain surgery and was in a vegetative state at Cooper.

A spokeswoman for Cooper did not provide a recent update for Oslin, which could indicate the family did not want his condition made public.

McRae-Webb's office, contacted Monday, referred to her initial release about the incident when asked if an investigation had been completed. The earlier statement said the police use of force was being investigated as per statewide procedures.

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