Technology is everywhere. It has become a part of our daily lives. As I type this I am sitting at a desktop computer, my cellphone next to me, a laptop in my bag, two other computer screens facing me, a soundboard in front of me, two mice, a digital phone, two keyboards, and a whole long list of other pieces of technology. To read this you are looking at a computer, phone, or tablet. Let's face it technology controls us. iRobot comes to mind.

What do you think about mixing technology with dating?

Yes, I know it already has its claws in dating. With online dating, and the use of communication devises to set up dates, technology has a place in dating. Gone are the days of courting and letter writing.

Sometimes I wish I could've been around during those times. I think I would've done pretty well.

Today we have hit a new level in the technological world of dating.

Virtual reality dates.

Yes, now you don't even have to really look at the person.

While the dates that have occurred so far have had the pair in the same room as each other and there was a more physical aspect to the date, this doesn't need to be the case. You can go on a date with someone and never be in the same room as them. You can be in another town, state, or even country.

It's a Facebook based show from The Scene called "Virtually Dating." They set the couples up for the virtual date and film the entire thing.

Amazed man experiencing virtual reality through a headset

You put on a headset, gloves, and bands around your knees, feet, arms, shoulders, and hips. There is a long wire that connects you to a computer to track your motions.

The renditions of the pair are actually quite good and look like them.

The date itself is quite unconventional. The developers definitely took some liberties in this aspect. One couple traveled to what looked like a haunted house and then became zombies, the other traveling to a space station and a planet where they became an astronaut and an alien.

The couples seem to very much enjoy the experience and it appeared that the awkward moments of the average first date didn't occur.

Check out couple number one here:

Check out couple number two here:

Could this become a popular way to date? Would you try it for a first date? Do you think this is a good idea for couples in a long distance relationship?

Let us know below.

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