If you're not in close proximity to a Kleenex, consider this your one warning. You're definitely going to need it.

The Philadelphia Eagles shared a video to their Facebook over the weekend that features starting quarterback Carson Wentz greeting a little boy in a wheelchair to sign some autographs. The conversation between the two isn't completely clear, but what you do hear clear as day is the little boy as he's shedding happy tears tell Wentz that he's his hero.

The boy wasn't identified in the post, but what is evident is his love of the Birds and his favorite quarterback. The video clearly demonstrates how loving and giving our team's leader really is. Which leads to the discussion of the rest of the football world's disdain for the Eagles and their fans.

If this video doesn't accurately portray why Eagles fans love their team with so much passion, there's nothing else anyone can do, say, or post that expresses the reason. Not that anyone's in a huge rush to end the summer, but Wentz just made everyone 10x more excited for the start of football season. Check out the video below.

Source: Facebook

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