A couple of South Jersey convenience store companies have been trying to get your attention with some fun summer themes. Have you noticed?

Of course, Wawa has many, many, many more South Jersey locations than Royal Farms, but Royal Farms is trying to make some noise.

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Wawa has been doing the tried-and-true Hoagiefest for 15 years now. (That makes you feel old, right?) They've got Hoagiefest songs in their ads, in-store specials, and more. Again, 15 years of practice, so they know what they're doing.

We'll call Royal Farms "the new kids" because, while they've been in business for a long time, here in South Jersey, their footprint has just begun.

Wawa does Hoagiefest because they're famous for their hoagies (or subs, if you will.)

Royal Farms is famous for its chicken, so this summer, it's Chicken Palooza at Royal Farms. Do what you do best, right?

So, as you're doing you this summer, keep an ear out for Hoagiefest and Chicken Palooza! It's great to see some fun and healthy competition.

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