Governor Phil Murphy announced Friday morning that New Jersey has hit its goal of getting 4 million and change people vaccinated against COVID-19.

Apparently, we're ahead of the vaccination goal set for the state that originally wanted us to hit that number about two weeks from now. The goal was to get that many people vaccinated by the end of June. Cool. Great. We're there. Congrats, Murph! What does that mean for us?

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Governor Murphy stated in his state briefing Friday morning that just because the state hit that number doesn't mean vaccination efforts just stop. Oh, okay. I get it now. So, even though we hit the "goal", we're still pushing for more and more people to get the jab. Got it. Wait, since we hit the goal, does that mean the vaccination perks like free beer, Wawa, doughnuts, etc. all cease, as well? Who knows.

If the vaccination incentives do stop, then I may hold my tongue. I will say this, though, if they don't stop even though we hit the number the powers-that-be insisted would make NJ the safest against the virus, then I may have to share my thoughts that some might call a bit "conspiracy theory-ish". All the perks that were offered in an attempt to bribe people into getting the vaccine seemed a bit odd to me. Not the perks themselves, just the fact that perks were being offered in the first place. If we've reach "herd immunity", then, in theory, shouldn't the bribing stop? Logic would say so, right?

At this point, only time will tell. Still, remain well and stay healthy.


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