A website has named the best signature food in New Jersey - and, it can be found in Ocean City!

The site, farandwide.com says the best signature food in all of New Jersey is...wait for it.....

Salt Water Taffy!

Specifically, the site names Shriver's Salt Water Taffy as "The Best Signature Food" in New Jersey.

Here's what the site had to say:

Despite what its name implies, there actually isn't any salt water in salt water taffy. Instead, this sticky sweet that's found in shops dotting New Jersey's Atlantic City boardwalk is a concoction of corn syrup and sugar that's pulled and rolled into two-inch pieces. The chewy candy comes in almost every flavor imaginable, from blue raspberry to chocolate to licorice.



So, what do YOU think? Did they get it right? Is Salt Water Taffey New Jersey's "Best Signature Food"?
SOURCE: farandwide.com

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