How many of your co-workers have come into the office hacking in the past week? Here at the radio station the number is too high for my liking, and that means one thing - flu season is in full swing in the Garden State.

According to the latest evaluation from the CDC, the flu has been categorized as “widespread” for the entire state during the week ending January 7th. New Jersey joins the list of 20 states with widespread influenza for 2017. Yikes!

That's why as I keep my distance from any co-workers who has any flu like symptoms. I go running the other way as soon as I hear any signs of a cough or sneeze. I know misery loves company, but stay home if you're not felling well, people!

The CDC has put out a list of frequently asked questions concerning this year's flu season. They also recommend a yearly flu vaccine for everyone 6 months of age and older. This step would be the best defense for fighting the flu.


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