Feeling Flu-ish?

Ya know, fatigue, body aches and chills, cough, sore throat, fever, G.I. problems?

Welp...join the club. Cause the saying "you and everyone else" is pretty literal now.

According to the National Center For Iimmunization and Respiratory Disease:

Flu is everywhere in the U.S. right now. In general, we see things peaking right about now, but that means there is still a whole lot more flu to go,” Jernigan said. “In addition, there are other strains of influenza still to show up that could be a major cause of disease.

Credit: cdc.gov
Credit: cdc.gov

The map above from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention in short shows that the Flu is quite frankly EVERYWHERE.

Common thought: I got the flu shot...I can't get the flu!

Common Answer: Yes you can, there's different strands of the flu that may not be protected by the flu shot!

In which case...no one is safe!!!!

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