A recent poll revealed what people really think of the Jersey Shore. More specifically, it revealed what people think of vacationing at the Jersey Shore. So what do people think?

It's no surprise that the highlight of a vacation in New Jersey is the beach. It is sort of the basis of our appeal.

With a strong lead, 48% of the people that were polled by Quinnipiac University said that the best thing about a Jersey vacation was our beaches, ocean beaches. Coming in second with 12% was the boardwalks, Atlantic City casinos received 8%, 6% of the vote went to lake beaches, and in last place was amusement parks with 5%.

Although the beaches here in New Jersey were the favorite, people do have one major issue with them. Bathrooms or the lack there of is a big downside for people visiting our beaches. 87% of people want bathrooms to be required by the state at the beaches.

What percentage of people would suggest a good ol' Jersey vacation? 59% of voters. 72% of people surveyed rate New Jersey as a "very good" or "fairly good" vacation spot.


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