We talk a lot about bagels here in Jersey and with good reason. We're great at making them and even better at eating them. However, I feel like we need to pay some respect to the O.G., the carb that started it all, I'm talking about good old-fashioned bread.

Let's be honest, when you get a sandwich you are spending most of your time selecting the meat. You are choosing between Italian, turkey, or tuna but for the most part, you are just taking the bread the sandwich shop gives you. Let me propose that the bread you choose can make or break your meal.

A national foodie website picked their favorite bread in all of New Jersey and you bet I'm paying attention.  I know it is an old-school thought to make a separate bakery stop to buy your weekly bread but maybe it is time to bring that back? This is where you have to go for the best bread in New Jersey!

I have to be honest, I was expecting an Italian bakery here but the more I looked into it, a German Bakery does not sound like a bad idea at all.  The number one bread spot in Jersey is Old Germain bakery in Hoboken. The bread is in such high demand that it actually sells out!  Locals say you have got to get there early to delight in their crusty classic white, pumpernickel, pumpkin seed, or sunflower bread.  They make specialty rolls that are supposed to knock your socks off.

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