There are plenty of arguments to be had daily among New Jersey residents. Is it pork roll or Taylor Ham? Is Central Jersey real? The best football team (Go Birds!).

One of the battles with no end in sight here in southern-most section of the Garden State has to do with this sandwich right here:


Who has the best cheesesteaks in all the land? By the way, if you're someone that orders a "cheesesteak sub," you're wrong. Since the sandwich originates from Philly, you don't have a leg to stand on if believe that's the legendary steak sandwich's full name. There are no subs in Philly, so calling cheesesteak a "sub" is erroneous.

With that being said, the argument still presses on regarding the best cheesesteak in South Jersey. You don't necessarily have to go to the city for a great cheesesteak. There are plenty of awesome sandwich spots right here in the Jersey suburbs outside of Philadelphia.

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The folks in Gloucester County have a brand new place to try that will hook you up with all the whiz you want in the form of their OG XL cheesesteak. This thing is bigger than your forearm. It's huge.

It's called Whit Or Whitout, and it's located off of Route 45 going towards Mantua.

Thanks to a recent Facebook post explaining revealing the family's history, we know that the owners of West Deptford's newest sandwich spot are definitely knowledgable in the area of cheesesteak making. They better be considering they originally hail from Northeast Philadelphia.

The family's been in South Jersey for about 20 years and have decided it was time to bring the best part of Philly cheesesteaks to southwestern NJ.

Whit Or Whitout is currently open on Mondays-Saturdays from 11a-8p.

Check out the menu HERE.

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