Worried about how you're going to get around the Wildwoods throughout the stretch of Memorial Day Weekend?

That seems to be every Wildwood vacationer's fear once the summer months hit. Both shoobies and locals alike aren't exactly thrilled with Uber and Lyft prices over the last few summers, so it'd be nice to have another option besides those specific ride-share services to get from North Wildwood, to Wildwood, then the Crest, and finally Diamond Beach.

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Well, this summer, that's all about to change! We never thought we'd see the day, yet it's finally come! What day is that, you ask? The day that Jitney services are offered in the Wildwoods. The Jitney is the preferred method of travel by many on the stretch of island that includes Atlantic City, Ventnor, and Margate.

The service are reportedly set to begin Thursday, May 26th and continue throughout the holiday weekend. After Memorial Day, Jitney services will only be offered on the weekends until mid-June. From that point, the Jitney will be offered daily.

As for how much you'll be expected to spend for a ride on Wildwood's Jitney, you won't be breaking the bank. The latest reports say that a ride will cost you about three bucks one way, but expect a dollar upcharge for late night service.

The announcement of Jitney services in the Wildwoods actually comes on the coattails of the same announcement for Ocean City, whose services will begin on May 27th.

Find out more information about Jitney services offered in Wildwood over Memorial Day Weekend HERE.

Source: PhillyVoice.com

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