The Trump Plaza casino has been sold. Once the deal is finalized, the Trump name will come down and a new name will take it's place.

But, what name?

The casino's buyer, the Meruelo Group, says it will revitalize and rename the property. It has not yet revealed details.

So, instead, I'd like to speculate what the new name will be. And, by speculate, I mean guess.

*Miss America's Casino! The pageant is returning to Atlantic City. Let's spread the news by throwing in slots, blackjack and craps!

* Do Casino. Hey, we're all doing AC, so, let's do the casino!

*Water Works Casino. Named after the Boardwalk game piece that no one likes to land on.

*Wawa Casino. Everybody goes to Wawa. Might as well make the casino an extension of the popular South Jersey Brand. "I'll take a ham and cheese sub, a Coke, and put this chip on number 4, please."

*Cat Country Casino. You know I have to throw this in the ring right?

*Joe Kelly's Casino. Since I did the Cat Country suggestion, I just had to do this, too.....

Got your own suggestion? Leave it in the Comments section, below.