I don't care what Forbes says.  The Philadelphia Phanatic is THE BEST Mascot in sports.  Period.

If you didn't hear, Forbes is reporting that the Phanatic fell to second place this year as "America's Favorite Sports Mascot."

Blasphemy!  I KNOW!

And what mascot is first???  Mr. Met.  No, seriously, Mr. Met.....

Mr. Met is a guy in a Mets uniform with a huge baseball head.  I'm sorry, but that does not make a good mascot.

The Philadelphia Phanatic is a flightless bird from the Galapagos's Islands.  He's exotic, he's funny, he sticks his tongue out and shakes popcorn all over Phillies fans for Pete's sake!  What does Mr. Met do?  Hmmm?  He wears a big baseball on his head.

Obviously I feel very strongly about the Phanatic.  He's beloved.  He will FOREVER be America's Favorite Sports Mascot.

Are you as upset as I am about this??  Please tell me I'm not the only one.....


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