Your picture can be high atop the half-of-a-Christmas-tree in the Cat Country studio and you can win some concert tickets!

For many years now, we have gone slightly overboard with Christmas decorations (or as we call it, "The Holiday Lights of Fire Christmas Spectacular") in the Cat Country studio.

In the corner of our studio is half of a Christmas tree leaning against the wall (more on that in a moment). Since last Christmas, the 13th President of the United States Millard Fillmore has been at the top of our tree (more on that in a moment, too). This year, we want to change that.

Download the Cat Country 107.3 app and from the menu, tap on Submit Photo/Video and send us an original picture (one that you took) that should be at the top of our tree.

Cat Country 107.3 studio - Photo: WPUR
Cat Country 107.3 studio - Photo: WPUR

Anything goes. It could be you, your dog, your co-worker, the co-worker you don't like. Anything or anybody. Or both. Grab our attention!

The person who sends us a picture that we deem to be worthy of gracing the top of the half-of-a-Christmas-tree in our studio will win a pair of tickets to see Kane Brown at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City in February!

As for why there is only half of a Christmas tree in our studio... well, last year we decided to hang all of the branches from the ceiling and decorate each one individually. And I think we lost the stand, so that's why it's leaning against the wall.

As for why President Millard Fillmore is at the top of our tree... it seemed like a nice gesture.

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