The wife and I honeymooned in Jamaica a few years ago and we absolutely loved it. In our Choose Your Cruise contest, you can visit Jamaica and lots of other places!

Four years ago, the wife and I honeymooned in Jamaica and we loved every minute of it (besides having a bad cold almost the entire time -- but that's another story). Beautiful beaches, friendly people, delicious food -- it was spectacular. We took a sunset cruise around Montego Bay and with a drink in my hand and reggae music playing in the background, sitting on the deck of a boat as the sunset was magical. And some parts were quirky and fun -- like how Jamaica's currency is of little value. The thought of paying J$169 for a small bag of potato chips is quite a shock the first time you walk into a store.

Anyway, Jamaica is one of the destinations in one of the cruises that you can pick from in our Choose Your Cruise contest. We have over half a dozen cruises that you can go on, should you be lucky enough to win. They go everywhere, like the Bahamas, Mexico, Hawaii, and more!

Chris Coleman in Jamaica
Chris Coleman (enjoying an adult beverage in Jamaica)

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